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Man with great experience in PHP and Social Media Marketing whom can take your business to the next level with his knowledge.

Hi, I am Manpreet Aka Sunny who is currently residing in Toronto,Canada.Let’s begin with my Intro, I am into programming since my high school time when I learnt C++ language for the very first time.I was so good in creating my own logics to solve the problem that made me persue my career in that direction. Soon I came into touch with Internet and wanted to learn how these websites are developed as a result I learnt PHP.

That was the turning point in my life,I developed many projects in PHP during my college days and even got many awards as well.As time flows technology keep improving and social media came into the act. I am handling social media since even facebook introduced the module called Pages and I am very well aware of how their algorithms work. Not just that, I have even done the job of Assistant Professor in one of the most reputed college in my Home City where I used to teach PHP and VB.NET. So yeah, I am a person with calm mind,problem solving nature with leading qualities.

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What Can I Do

Web Designing

Skills of Adobe Photoshop,XD and Illustrator to design the modern graphics.

Web Development

Over 7 years of experiance in HTML,CSS,Javascript and PHP.

Content Management System

Can setup website in a go with my 5 Years of experiance in Wordpress CMS.

Social Media Marketing

Knowing the core of Social Media with around 8 Experiance in the field.

Digital Marketing

Ad Campaigns,SEO,Adwords,Email Marketing etc


Worked as Assistant Professor, so got good skills of teaching as well.

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