Man with great experience in PHP and Social Media Marketing whom can take your business to the next level with his knowledge.
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Friendly Introduction

Hi, this is Manpreet Singh a tech-savvy person residing in Canada.

Let’s begin with my Intro, I am into programming since my high school time where I learnt C++ language for the very first time. There I always used to find my own logic to solve the problem and that made me realize that I am made for programming. Soon after coming in touch with the Internet in the year 2010, my interest diverted into Web Development and I started learning PHP. My college project gave me great popularity and a direction to my career path so since then I am working in the Web Design and Development field.

Not to forget that my skills on Social Media are pretty strong too, I have managed many social media accounts and lead them to great success with my strategies and posts creations.

Describing my nature, I am very much calm, a composed person with a great attitude to solve the problems and making things work.


Website Design and Development0%
Core PHP/MySQL0%
Social Media Engagement Strategies0%
Graphics Designing0%
Teaching Web Programming0%


Creative Mind

My experience in the Internet world can help me generate great innovative website ideas.

Pocket Friendly

I can design and promote your business at as per your pocket.

Coding Passion

Writng codes is in my blood, something I can never stop doing it.

Everyone Loves Me

Due to my friendly nature everyone loves me, either it’s my client or friends.

Social Media Expert

Active in social media since the time of Orkut and knows everything so well.

Man with a Lens

As a hobby, I love traveling and clicking photos.I am not a professional photographer but I feel I can click decent photos.